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The Piano Book

Despite the piano's popularity, most people -piano owners included-know virtually nothing about how a piano works or how to go about buying one, and countless numbers of people continue to make blunders in purchasing a piano. The fault lies in the nearly complete absence of consumer information about the piano. The large variety of brands, models, and styles, strange terminology, competing claims by manufacturers and dealers, the relatively small number of piano experts and technicians, and the lack of criteria by which to evaluate pianos, make this book a “Must Have Publication.”

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It is impractical to provide, in “The Piano Book” itself, the detailed price and model data on new pianos that many shoppers are seeking. It is important that this information on manufacturers and products be provided in a timely manner. “The Piano Book Supplement” is published each year with the most current information available. This supplement contains trends, a summary of brands and ratings and brand listings of manufacturers and their products. The supplement provides “List Prices” for most brands, plus advice on how to estimate actual “Street Prices.”

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People buy pianos for many reasons, a beautiful piece of furniture, a status symbol, a musical instrument, or all three. For those individuals who are truly interested in buying a piano for a musical instrument, or to learn about the piano they already
own, The Piano Book is the most comprehensive and useful guide to the complexities of a piano, and how to buy one, yet published. Learn how a piano works and how to go about buying one. Learn more than which brands are worth buying
or how to find a used piano. Learn what to look for and what to look out for when shopping for a piano. Buying the wrong piano can be very costly. The following is only a small part of the information included in this “Must Have Publication”
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